Dr. Ede in the Media

Dr. Ede is considered a leading expert in the field of nutritional psychiatry and enjoys sharing knowledge and insights with new audiences. Below is a sampling of her appearances, conversations, and mentions of her work in media sources from around the world.

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Dec 2022 What Your GP Doesn't Tell You with Liz Tucker: Could Low-Carb Diets Help Treat Mental Illness?
Oct 2022 Bipolar Cast with Dr. Iain Campbell and Matt Baszucki: Episode #15 Dr. Georgia Ede
Jun 2022 Warrior Wellness Podcast with Steph Lincoln: Nutritional Treatments for Mental Health
Sep 2021 Protecting Your Nest with Dr. Tony Hampton: Episode #66 Dr. Georgia Ede
Aug 2021 Food Junkies Podcast with Dr. Vera Tarman: Episode #35 Dr. Georgia Ede
Jul 2021 Keto Life Support with Kim Howerton: Keto & Mental Health with Dr Georgia Ede
May 2021 Intelligent Medicine with Dr. Ronald Hoffman: How Diet Impacts Psychiatric Conditions Part 1 and Part 2
Feb 2021 My Zero Carb Life with Kelly Hogan: I hush and let Dr. Georgia Ede do the talking
Jan 2021 Meet Your Herdmates with Peter Ballerstedt: Episode #31 Dr. Georgia Ede, MD
Jun 2020 Medicating Normal: Medicating Normal Discussion: Continuing the Conversation w/ Dr. Georgia Ede & Dr. Natalie Sadler
Feb 2020 Cleaning Up the Mental Mess with Dr. Caroline Leaf: Episode #131: What to eat & what not to eat for optimal mental and brain health according to nutritional psychiatrist Dr. Georgia Ede
Feb 2020 Empowered Health with Emily Kumlar: Brain Health, Vegans and Carnivores with Psychiatrist Dr. Georgia Ede
Feb 2020 Ivor Cummins Podcast: Dr. Georgia Ede - Can Optimized Diet Deliver Major Improvements in Mental Health Issues?
Jan 2020 Mental Horizons with Virgil Stucker & Stephanie McMahon: S2E7: Nutrition, brain metabolism, and the root causes of mental illness with Georgia Ede, MD
Dec 2019 Paleo Low-Carb Podast with Mag. Julia Tulipan: Dr. Georgia Ede - Nutrition for Mental Illnesses
Nov 2019 Mind Body Green Podcast with Jason Wachob: The Best Diet for Mental Health from A Nutritional Psychiatrist
Aug 2019 Weight Solutions for Physicians with Siobhan Key MD: Georgia Ede: Improving Mental Health through Diet
Jul 2019 Primal Edge Health Podcast with Tristan Haggard: Effects of Diet and Mental Health – Georgia Ede
Jun 2019 Diet Doctor Podcast with Bret Scher MD: Episode 22
May 2019 Sustainable Dish Podcast with Diana Rodgers RD: Episode 92: Veganism and Mental Health with Dr. Georgia Ede
May 2019 Mark Bell’s Power Project: Episode 205
May 2019 Carnivore Cast: Dr. Georgia Ede — Plant Toxins and the Carnivore Diet for Mental Health
Feb 2019 My Therapy with Justin Dickie: Episode 51
Feb 2019 2 Keto Dudes Podcast with Carl Franklin and Carrie Brown: Episode 156: Keto for Mental Health with Dr. Georgia Ede
Feb 2019 LowCarbMD Podcast with Brian Lenzkes MD and Tro Kalayjian MD: Episode 14: Georgia Ede
Sep 2018 Peak Human Podcast with Brian Sanders: Episode #15 Dr. Georgia Ede on the Shocking Facts of Plant Foods
Aug 2018 Ketowoman Podcast with Daisy Brackenhall: Episode #41
Jul 2018 Fitness Confidential Podcast with Vinnie Tortorich: Episode 1101: Sugar and Brain Health with Dr. Georgia Ede
Jul 2018 Lone Star Outdoor Show with Cable: Episode 255
Jul 2018 Human Performance Outliers with Shawn Baker MD and Zach Bitter: Episode 21
Jun 2018 Livin' La Vida Low Carb with Jimmy Moore: Episode 1395 – Dr. Georgia Ede – 2017 Low Carb San Diego
Sep 2017 Healing Histamine with Yasmina Ykelenstam: Dr. Georgia Ede on Histamine, Anxiety And Depression
Aug 2017 Break Nutrition Show with Raphi Sirt: Episode 22
Jul 2017 Ketovangelist Ballistic Health Podcast with Brian Williamson: Episode 116: Dr. Georgia Ede Discusses Keto and Mental Health
Mar 2017 Livin' La Vida Low Carb with Jimmy Moore: Episode 1238 – Dr. Georgia Ede Makes the Connection Between Brain Chemistry and Diet
Mar 2017 The Beyond the Food Show with Stephanie Dodier: Episode 35 – Emotional Eating with Dr. Georgia Ede: Root Causes and a 5-part Solution


May 2021 Irish Times:Food and Mood: Why Nutritional Psychiatry Is Attracting Attention” by George Winter
Jul 2020 MedscapeUK: "Role of Nutrition in Mental Health a Public Health Matter" by Liam Davenport
Jan 2020 Farmer's Guardian: "The Truth About Food: Georgia Ede – 'Human life cannot exist without animal foods'" by Emily Ashworth
Sep 2019 South Africa’s Business Insider:Modifying Risk Factors and Adopting Healthier Habits May Ward off Dementia” by Marika Sboros
May 2019 MindBodyGreen: “Nutritional Psychiatry: Is Food the Next Big Frontier in Mental Health Treatment?” by Stephanie Eckelamp
Nov 2018 San Francisco Chronicle: Tech Workers Seeking an Edge on Peers Turn to All-Meat 'Carnivore Diet'” by Melia Russell
Apr 2018 Liz Earle's Wellbeing Escapes magazine : “Mood & Memory: How Sugar Affects the Brain
Jan 2018 New York Magazine—The Cut: “10 Days of Eating Fat, for My Mental Health” by Susie Neilson
Oct 2016 Choc & Juice: “Are You on the Road to Alzheimer’s? Interview with Dr. Georgia Ede


May 2019 BBC Radio 4, PM with Becky Milligan: “Food: Do We Need a Rethink?
Jan 2019 Rural Route Radio with Trent Loos
Oct 2018 KGO 810 Radio San Francisco with Ethan Berman
Jul 2018 Lonestar Outdoor Show with Cable Smith
Jun 2018 Doctor Radio on SiriusXM with Samantha Heller, RD


Jul 2019 Fat: A Documentary (Vinnie Tortorich)
Jul 2019 Alzheimer's: The Science of Prevention (David Perlmutter MD)