Dr. Ede in the Media

Dr. Ede is considered a leading expert in the field of nutritional psychiatry and enjoys sharing knowledge and insights with new audiences. Below is a sampling of her appearances, conversations, and mentions of her work in media sources from around the world.

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Mar 2024 KATU-2 Dr. Georgia Ede: "Change Your Diet, Change Your Mind"
Feb 2024 Scripps News You Are What You Eat: How Diet Impacts Both Mental and Physical Health
Feb 2024 CBN News Healthy Living with Lorie Johnson
Feb 2024 WFSB 3 Great Day Connecticut
Feb 2024 WFSB 3 Kara's Cures with Kara Sundlun
Jan 2024 Bloom TV Tampa Bay How Diet Affects Brain Health
Jul 2019 Fat: A Documentary (Vinnie Tortorich)
Jul 2019 Alzheimer's: The Science of Prevention (David Perlmutter MD)


Mar 2024 Coach Stephen with Stephen Thomas: Georgia Ede, MD Talks about Changing Your Diet to Bring Changes to Your Mental Health
Feb 2024 Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health with Nasha Winters: Mending Your Mind the Metabolic Way
Feb 2024 The Ultimate Health Podcast with Jesse Chappus: Harvard Psychiatrist REVEALS the Most Harmful Foods You Need to STOP EATING to Heal the Brain
Feb 2024 The Metabolic Link: Change Your Diet, Change Your Mind: Ketogenic Therapy for Mental Health w/ Dr. Georgia Ede
Feb 2024 Stay Off My Operating Table with Dr. Philip Ovadia: Dr. Georgia Ede: Fix Your Diet by Fixing Your Mind #130
Feb 2024 The ProLongevity Podcast with Graham Phillips: Dr Georgia Ede: Change Your Diet, Change Your Mind!
Feb 2024 Dr. Berry's Proper Human Diet Podcast with Ken Berry MD: Best Diet to Improve Mental Health with Dr. Georgia Ede
Feb 2024 Simple Wisdom for a Healthy Life with Patrick Holford: Can a Keto Diet Transform Your Mind?
Jan 2024 Ignacio Cuaranta, MD: Carne, Colesterol, Veganism: KetoPsy - Psiquiatría Metabólica y Salud Menta
Jan 2024 Zoë Harcombe: Zoë Chats with Dr Georgia Ede about Diets
Jan 2024 The Dhru Purohit Podcast: Episode 464: Harvard Psychiatrist Explains How to Use a Low Carb Diet to Reverse Brain Fog and Mental Health Disorders
Jan 2024 What Your GP Doesn't Tell You with Liz Tucker: Could Changing Your Diet Improve Your Mental Health?
Jan 2024 Maria Emmerich: Can Meat Change Your Moods?
Jan 2024 Medicating Normal: A Conversation with Dr. Georgia Ede: Change Your Diet, Change Your Mind
Jan 2024 HomeSteadHow with Kerry Mann Jr: Change Your Diet, Change Your Mind, Dr. Georgia Ede
Jan 2024 Dr. Shawn Baker Podcast: This Is Your Brain On Ketones
Jan 2024 Mind Body Green: What We Are Still Getting Wrong about Brain Foods
Jan 2024 Life's Best Medicine Podcast with Dr. Brian Lenzkes, MD: Episode 180: Dr. Georgia Ede
Dec 2023 Metabolic Mind with Dr. Bret Scher: New book: Change Your Diet, Change Your Mind by Metabolic Psychiatry Pioneer Dr. Georgia Ede
Dec 2023 Keto Made Simple with Dr. Eric Westman: How Diet Improves Mental Health - with Dr. Georgia Ede E81
Aug 2023 A Whole New Level with Dr. Dominic D'Agostino: #228 Why Nutrition Matters for Brain Health and How to Modify Your Diet
Jun 2023 Marlies Dekkers: #1257: Eet vlees om Alzheimer te voorkomen | Een gesprek met Georgia Ede
Jun 2023 De Keto Podcast with Louisette Blikkenhorst: Dr. Georgia Ede - How to take care of your mental health with nutrition. #46
Jan 2023 The Ally Houston Transforms Podcast: Dr. Georgia Ede
Dec 2022 What Your GP Doesn't Tell You with Liz Tucker: Could Low-Carb Diets Help Treat Mental Illness?
Oct 2022 Bipolar Cast with Dr. Iain Campbell and Matt Baszucki: Episode #15 Dr. Georgia Ede
Jun 2022 Warrior Wellness Podcast with Steph Lincoln: Nutritional Treatments for Mental Health
Oct 2021 Food Addiction Institute: Georgia Ede | Psychiatrist Uses Dietary Strategies for Psychiatric Conditions
Sep 2021 Protecting Your Nest with Dr. Tony Hampton: Episode #66 Dr. Georgia Ede
Aug 2021 Food Junkies Podcast with Dr. Vera Tarman: Episode #35 Dr. Georgia Ede
Jul 2021 Keto Life Support with Kim Howerton: Keto & Mental Health with Dr Georgia Ede